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Last Updated: Tuesday December 29 2009 17:04 GMT

More snow on the way across UK

Snow in Scotland
Snow has also been causing problems in Scotland

Snow has been falling in Wales on a day when big problems are expected because of the wintry weather.

Severe weather warnings are in place for parts of southern and mid Wales, and although some snow has fallen, lots more is on the way say forecasters.

There are fears the snow and ice will make travelling difficult and may threaten power supplies.

In Scotland Inverness Airport was closed until 11.30am and train services around Glasgow were also reduced.

In England snow showers are expected in the West Country, the Midlands and north east England overnight.

It was much warmer in southern England, although steady rain made it a pretty miserable day.

However weather experts don't think those warmer temperatures will last and predict it will get colder as we get closer to New Year's Eve.