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Last Updated: Monday December 28 2009 12:39 GMT

Many whales die in New Zealand

Rescuers try tos ave a whale at Colville Bay

More than 120 whales have died in two separate incidents in New Zealand, officials have said.

But there was some good news, as about 40 whales which were in a lot of trouble were helped to safety.

The whales had beached themselves, which means they had swum up onto shore and were unable to get back to sea.

More than 20 pilot whales died in Colville Bay. A separate group of 105 long-finned pilot whales died after being stranded on Farewell Spit.


Rescuers managed to get 40 whales from the group found in Colville Bay back out to sea, and hopefully to safety.

No-one's sure why whales beach themselves.