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Last Updated: Saturday December 26 2009 11:47 GMT

Queen remembers Afghan troops

Queen gives annaual Christmas speech

The Queen used her Christmas Day speech to remember the troops who died fighting in Afghanistan.

She talked about how sad she felt for the families of the 106 troops who died this year.

Like last year - the Queen also reflected on how hard the past 12 months have been for people affected by money problems all over the world.

Her message is a traditional part of Christmas and gives the Queen a chance to talk about things on her mind.

The Queen also said everyone should feel really proud of the "positive contribution" being made in Afghanistan by the 13,000 servicemen and women from the UK and other Commonwealth countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Looking back

During the speech, pictures were shown of the UK's main military base in Afghanistan - Camp Bastian, and the headquarters at Lashkar Gah in Helmand.

Prince Harry - who is an officer in the Household Cavalry, was shown laying wreath at this year's remembrance ceremony.

The Queen's Speech

King George V delivered the first royal Christmas broadcast live on the radio 75 years ago from Sandringham in 1932.

The Christmas speech is always broadcast at 3pm on Christmas Day.

The Queen writes the speech herself and talks about things on her mind.

'Better future'

The Queen finished her broadcast positively by saying that we must always work for a " better future for ourselves and for others."

The speech was recorded two weeks ago in the Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace - and ended with a family in Trinidad playing the national anthem on steel drums.

Christmas day service

Earlier in the day, the Queen and other members of the Royal Family went to a Christmas Day service at a church in Norfolk.

Around 500 people watched them arrive.

Among them, were Prince William and Harry who are on holiday from their military training as helicopter pilots.

After the service, children lined up to give the Queen flowers.

Members of Royal Family greeted well-wishers before walking back to Sandringham House.