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Last Updated: Thursday December 24 2009 13:24 GMT

In pics: Christmas comes early for zoo animals

A seal with its keeper at a zoo in Hanover, Germany

Christmas came early for some zoo animals in Germany, as their keepers delivered some special festive treats.

Meerkats in the snow

The presents tempted these meerkats to venture into the snow, but was it worth it?

A coati investigating its Christmas presents

Keepers at the zoo in the northern city of Hanover wrap up the animals' food to give them a present they can really tuck into. It looks like this coati's enjoying its Christmas feast.

Penguins checking out their presents at a zoo in Hanover, Germany

These penguins don't look too sure about their gifts though. Maybe the cuddly polar bear is confusing them.

A seal balancing its food present on its nose

And it looks like this seal's too busy playing with its present to realise there's something inside to eat!

Meerkats in the snow

That's not a problem for the meerkats though. It seems they're already looking for seconds.