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Last Updated: Wednesday December 23 2009 14:22 GMT

Icy weather causes travel chaos

Cars in the snow

Snow and ice are continuing to cause chaos for Christmas travellers across the UK as roads, airports and train services are affected.

A plane overshot the runway at Prestwick Airport in Scotland after slipping on a patch of ice.

The plane skidded to a halt in a near by field and fortunately no one was injured.

Travel plans across the country are likely to be disrupted further as temperatures are set to drop again.

It is really cold all around the UK and it looks like it might be getting even colder with temperatures dropping to as low as -10C in Glasgow and Middle Wallop in Hampshire.

And while all this frosty weather may feel pretty festive, it looks like the extreme conditions could cause some problems for Christmas.

People who have ordered Christmas presents online have been warned they may not arrive on time as the delivery drivers are being held up by the snow and ice.

The people who deliver post, Royal Mail, say they are doing "everything possible" to ensure post arrives on time.