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Last Updated: Tuesday December 22 2009 12:55 GMT

Rhinos moved to save the species

Northern White Rhino Fatu (Left) and Nabiro in a zoo in the Czech Republic

Four rare Northern White rhinos are on the move from a Czech zoo to Kenya, in an attempt to try to stop the species dying out.

Animal experts are hoping the two males and two females will breed in their natural habitat in Africa.

Only eight Northern White rhinos are known to be alive worldwide, and all are in captivity - six in the Czech Republic and two in America.

The last four living in the wild in Africa have not been seen since 2006.

It's hoped moving the rhinos to Kenya will encourage them to breed in a safe environment in the wild.

Rob Brett, from the African Rhino Specialist group at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), said the animals were critically endangered and already thought to be extinct in the wild.

"Moving them now is a last-bid effort to save them and their gene pool from total extinction," he said.