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Last Updated: Tuesday December 22 2009 17:13 GMT

Thousands trapped in cars by snow

Traffic in the snow in Scotland

Snow and ice is continuing to cause chaos for Christmas travellers across the UK, after thousands of people were trapped in cars by the wintry weather.

In parts of the south east, conditions got so bad vehicles ground to a halt, leaving about 3,000 people stranded.

Loads of flights have also been disrupted as icy conditions grip large areas of England and Wales, with the south east and London worst affected.

But Eurostar IS running again after three days out of action.

Staff are now working to clear the backlog of more than 50,000 passengers who were stranded when the Eurostar services were cancelled after six trains broke down on their way to France on Friday.

Back in the UK, more than 100 people had to spend the night in a department store in Buckinghamshire when they were stranded by the snow.

Twenty children were among staff and customers who had to be given food and a bed at the John Lewis store in High Wycombe.

Meanwhile, weather forecasters are warning there's more snow on the way for northern Scotland and north west England.

But although Aberdeen is expected to have a white Christmas, it seems the rest of the UK could be facing dryer conditions.