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Last Updated: Monday December 21 2009 12:38 GMT

Secret Santa leaves toys in park

Ranger Andrew Jenkins with some of the toys

Children visiting a park in Llanelli in Wales have been treated to the sight of toys hanging on trees, left by a mystery Santa.

A few toys started appearing in October - but over the past few weeks more and more have been hung on trees at the Millennium Coastal Park.

Rangers working at the park have no idea who's been leaving them there.

The things left range from teddies, to toy trains - even toys given free with food at takeaway places.

This week the rangers at the park spotted a man putting toys on some branches - they tried to chase him but he ran away across a golf course.

The presents are everywhere in the park - across the four mile stretch of the park running from Llanelli to Pembrey.

The manager of the park, Rory Dickinson, said they are handing over the gifts to charity shops.

He said: "I know it is the season to be jolly and giving, but whoever is responsible for this Santa attack has gone way overboard.

"There have been lots of visitors in Santa hats in recent weeks but we have no idea who is responsible. "