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Last Updated: Monday December 21 2009 11:24 GMT

Weather causes more travel chaos

Eurostar Trains cancelled

Eurostar trains are out of action for the third day running - causing more problems for thousands of travellers.

The bad weather caused the trains to break down on Friday evening, and they haven't been running since.

Now, trains are being fixed and tested to try and get them up and running as soon as possible.

Around 55,000 people have been left stranded because of the cancellations after six trains broke down on their way to France.

A massive investigation is taking place to find out why it happened - and to try and stop it happening again.

Stranded travellers are sleeping at stations, unsure what is going to happen next.

An announcement is expected on Monday evening which should reveal when services will start again.

But it will take some time to clear the backlog of passengers.

Airlines are trying to put on more flights so passengers can try and get home on a plane.


The chaos started on Friday evening when more than 2,000 people were trapped in the Channel Tunnel for around 16 hours after weather conditions caused trains to breakdown.

The last service spent most of Saturday stuck in Kent, before arriving back in London at midnight.

It's thought the trains stopped working as they left the cold air in northern France and entered the hotter tunnel.

Weather warning

Across parts of the UK, the freezing weather is causing problems for people travelling around.

More snow is expected on Monday evening - especially in the South and East of England and parts of Scotland. Weather experts are saying it could snow as much as 5 cm.

Temperatures will stay below freezing.


Freezing conditions are disrupting flights at Bristol, Manchester, Belfast, Edinburgh and Inverness airports