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Last Updated: Friday December 18 2009 18:27 GMT

What did Hayley think of the new Doctor Who?

David Tennant

Hayley sees new Doctor Who episode

The End of Time is the last Doctor Who adventure to star David Tennant.

Hayley was lucky enough to go to a special screening of the show - here's what she thought.

Any Doctor Who fans out there? Well the Doctor is back, but only for two nights.

The Doctor is appearing in a two-part Christmas special, which is set to be David Tennant's last appearance on the TV show.

Not only did I get the privilege of seeing it before it's shown on Christmas Day, but I also got to speak to some of the stars too.

Magic and mystery

First off was head writer, Russell T Davies. I couldn't miss him as he is possibly the tallest man I have ever seen.

Catherine Tate as Donna Noble
Donna Noble returns - but how?

He was very excited about the show and told me it was full of adventure, magic, mystery and excitement. It was also an emotional film for Russell, as it's his last Doctor Who too.

He said he actually cried as he wrote the end of the film, as he had been thinking about it for so many years and wanted the best end he could give David and the rest of the cast.

Memory wiped

Next up was Catherine Tate, who made me laugh the moment she stepped before me as she put on a funny accent.

Catherine plays Donna Noble, who was the Doctor's assistant. At the end of the last series her memory was wiped and we were told she could never see the Doctor again, or she would die! So how could it be that she's in the show but she doesn't die upon seeing the Doctor?

Unfortunately Catherine didn't let the cat out of the bag, but she did say that although she's in the film with the Doctor, she may not see him


Then the real mystery man came up to me: The Master, played by John Simm. Although we saw him dead and buried in an earlier episode, he is back and is as evil and menacing as before.

John Simm
John Simm returns as The Master

John told me that he loved filming with David Tennant, and will be sad to see him go. Even though he couldn't tell me how it ends, he did tell me that his end was left open for the Master to return again in the future - so we can't rest just yet.

Soon it was time to watch the show itself, so we all filed into the theatre and got ready to watch.


All of a sudden there was a flash of light and a puff of smoke and two Daleks came into the audience.

I jumped out of my seat and a kid called Jack, who was sat next to me, was a little scared too.

Luckily, a couple of Ood appeared and managed to calm the Daleks down so that they could be escorted away.

After that jumpy start the curtains opened and the The End of Time commenced.

Planet of the Ood

It starts on Christmas Day and Wilfred, Donna's granddad, is the first person we see. He opens saying he wished the Doctor would come back, as that would make his day.

But the Doctor himself is in the snowy mountains of the Ood's planet, wearing a Hawaiian necklace and a cowboy hat.

David Tennant as The Doctor
The Doctor races into action

It gets much more exciting, with the Master coming back to life, Donna almost bumping into the Doctor, and the Doctor himself running around the globe trying to save the planet from aliens, monster and of course the evil Master himself.

Jack told me that he thought the film was thrilling and excellent and his favourite character was the Master.

But how does it end? Does the Doctor succeed? Does he regenerate?

Well, you'll have to wait until Christmas Day to find out!

Doctor Who and The End of Time Part One will be shown on Christmas Day between 6-7pm. The second part will shown on New Year's Day between 6.40pm - 7.55pm.

Doctor Who
Matt Smith as The Doctor




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