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Last Updated: Tuesday January 05 2010 09:01 GMT

We have a forest classroom

Press Packer Jess

Press Packer Jess and her classmates planted trees at their school to create a mini forest.

Here's why they did it and what they're hoping to get out of it.

"All the pupils at our school helped plant numerous trees on our school field to make a mini forest area as a learning environment.

Our school grounds are quite big so the trees were planted right in the corner of our field so they wouldn't get disturbed.

Lots of trees

Each class put on their wellies and prepared to get muddy as they walked through the willow tunnel to the area where the silver birches, wild cherry, rowans and other trees were planted.

Jess and her class mates tree planting
Jess and her classmates planting trees

Every class planted at least two trees, so altogether 61 trees were planted.

Attract animals

Next term it will be used as an outdoor classroom to learn about the environment and to attract animals such as birds, squirrels and insects.

We all have Mrs Butlin - one of our teaching assistants - to thank, as she came up with the idea.

Local companies and businesses in Coventry provided us with sponsorship to buy the trees and we're very grateful to them.

Help environment

We also got a grant of £4,600 and this will be used to help to develop this and other areas around school, and to buy extra equipment to develop our forest school.

We hope this forest school will help the environment as well as benefit learning. We'll look forward to seeing the trees grow."

Jess, 11, Coventry

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