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Last Updated: Friday December 18 2009 17:03 GMT

Hundreds of schools shut by snow


Snow causes chaos in UK

Heavy snow has fallen across much of the UK causing hundreds of schools to close on Friday.

The winter weather has meant 1,700 schools have broken up for the Christmas holidays a day early.

The Met Office, which records and watches the weather, said the heaviest snow was in north-east and south-east England.

In some areas as much as 20cm of the white stuff is expected to fall, with strong winds causing snow drifts.

So far, 125 schools have been closed because of the weather in Cambridgeshire. More than 350 schools are also shut in Hertfordshire in south-east England.

Wintry weather

School Closures

Hertfordshire: Over 350 schools

Cambridge: 125 schools

Norfolk: 130 schools

Luton: over 60 schools

Bedfordshire: 88 schools

East Sussex: 71 schools

Kent: 350 schools

South Lincolnshire: 8 schools

Berkshire: 45 schools

Northamptonshire: 65 schools

The heaviest snowfall overnight was in Norfolk, Bedford and Buckinghamshire although there was also snow in parts of Wales and Scotland.

The snow has caused big traffic jams and several accidents on the motorways.

More wintry weather is predicted over the weekend particularly across the north of the UK.

But the Met Office said it was too early to say whether there would be a white Christmas.