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Last Updated: Thursday December 17 2009 16:25 GMT

British Airways strike is illegal

A BA plane

A big strike which was going to cause lots of disruption this Christmas has been declared illegal by judges.

Cabin crew working for British Airways (BA) had voted to stop work for 12 days, but the court said that vote hadn't been carried out correctly.

This decision, called an injunction, means the strike cannot now go ahead without breaking the law.

The strike could have ruined the holiday plans for a million people who had booked flights with BA.

Unite, the people who organised the vote, said it was "a disgraceful day" and added that they might hold another vote if their dispute with bosses isn't sorted out.

Cabin crew are angry about plans to cut the number of jobs at BA and planned changes to how much new recruits are paid.

BA has lost a lot of money in recent months, and bosses say the cuts are necessary.