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Last Updated: Wednesday December 16 2009 17:56 GMT

We questioned the Prime Minister on climate change!

Press Packers Arian and Nivar

Press Packers Arian and Nivar became hard-nosed journalists for a week when they interviewed the top dogs in politics, including the Prime Minister!

It was all about asking them how we can beat climate change, and what they're going to do about it as it's the Copenhagen climate summit this week.

Here's their story:

"One day a couple of weeks ago we were told to go the Head's office at school, and she told us we'd be interviewing the head of the Liberal Democrat party, Nick Clegg, the head of the Conservative party, David Cameron, and Prime Minister Gordon Brown!

Leah and our Press Packers outside Number 10
Leah and our Press Packers outside Number 10

We went on speakerphone in her office and rang our parents who were shrieking down the phone, they were so excited.

Then we had to get our thinking caps on and come up with some questions to challenge them on climate change, as it's the Copenhagen climate summit.

Going to 10 Downing Street

We definitely recognised Number 10 from the TV. We had a heated discussion on who should get to be the one to knock on the door first!

Prime Minister Gordon Brown with Leah and Press Packers Nivar and Arian
Leah and our Press Packers meet the Prime Minister!

It really just looks like a normal door to an ordinary house in real life.

The main thing we noticed was that there wasn't a star on top of the Christmas tree.

When we met the Prime Minister he was impressed we had noticed - he said he walks past that tree every day and didn't notice! But then he is very busy.

Before we met Gordon Brown we met his son, Fraser. He was really sweet but very shy!

Then Gordon Brown showed us around 10 Downing Street, and even showed us the staircase with photos of all the past Prime Ministers.

Nivar and Arian test the PM on his climate change knowledge
Nivar and Arian test the PM on his climate change knowledge

Before we went into the room where we did the interview, we had to wait with the Prime Minister in one of his offices. He said it was very messy!

Interviewing him was weird because we see him all the time on the television and we were actually talking to him ourselves in the flesh.

After the interview, he went straight off to the climate change summit in Copenhagen.

Conservative Party leader

David Cameron is the leader of the Conservative Party, and they are the second biggest political party after Gordon Brown's Labour party.

Some people say David Cameron could be Prime Minister next year so we went to ask him his thoughts on climate change too.

Arian and Nivar with David Cameron
Arian and Nivar with David Cameron

He had such a huge office, and a really nice Christmas tree.

He showed us around his office and we looked at pictures of him with Barack Obama and Arnold Schwarznegger!

Afterwards, we got a tour of Parliament and we went into the main chamber, the House of Commons, where all the MPs debate.

Meeting Nick Clegg

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg and Press Packers Nivar and Arian
Our Press Packers meet Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg is the leader of the Liberal Democrat party - the third biggest political party in England.

Nick Clegg had a smaller office, but his office was merrier than the Downing Street office, because his decorations were better.

We got to go to Parliament and watch the Speaker of the House of Commons - the guy who keeps all the MPs behaving properly - walking through ready to start the day.

So... who was best?!

The Prime Minister is really nice. He was the only one who already knew all about us and what our names were before we met!

But sometimes his answers were quite long and they could get boring.

Everyone gets ready for the big interview
Getting ready for the interviews

David Cameron was the same. He was really funny and smart, but sometimes his answers were too long.

We think politicians give extra long answers so that they seem clever, but actually it means they're hard to understand.

Nick Clegg gave the best answers. They were short and easy to understand."

Arian and Nivar, 11 and 10, London, England

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