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Last Updated: Wednesday December 16 2009 08:36 GMT

In pictures: We interview the Prime Minister

Arian, Leah and Nivar at Downing Street

We sent Leah, along with Press Packers Arian and Nivar, to speak to the Prime Minister about climate change.

Setting up in 10 Downing Street

There was a lot of setting up to be done before interviewing one of the most important men in Britain!

Interviewing Gordon Brown

The prime minister is going to the climate change conference in Copenhagen, and our team asked him how he thought it would go.

Gordon Brown,  Arian, Nivar and Leah Leah

They also asked him about what he did to make his life greener.

Leah, Arian and David Cameron

The guys also put some tough questions to David Cameron - the head of the Conservative Party. They're also set to talk to Nick Clegg, head of the Liberal Democrats.

Leah, Nivar, David Cameron and Arian

It's possible that David Cameron will be the next Prime Minister. So it's important to know what he thinks on the environment.

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