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Last Updated: Tuesday December 15 2009 16:36 GMT

Leah tries to go green

Newsround's climate change logo

Scientists, world leaders and officials have all gathered in Copenhagen in Denmark for what's been described as the most important meeting in the world.

Newsround's Leah is taking a closer look at the effects of global warming and what we can all do to help the environment.

"Ever since the big Climate Change meeting in Copenhagen kicked off last Monday, officials and scientists from all over the globe have been locked in talks trying to come up with ideas to prevent the planet from warming up.

Most scientists believe the reason Earth is getting hotter is because too much of the gas carbon dioxide is being pumped into the atmosphere.

NR goes greener

Newsround isn't in Copenhagen covering this meeting for you because we're trying to keep an eye on how much carbon dioxide we use.

We're also really keen to see what we can do to be kinder to the environment.

This week all the top leaders like Barack Obama and our prime minister Gordon Brown arrive in Denmark for the meeting.

One of the ideas that might come out of this big meeting is that we'll have to lower the amount of energy we use.

So all of this week I am trying to be energy efficient.

Leah turning a TV off
Leah made sure everything got switched off

Each day I'll be trying my best to save energy around the house. Today I am focusing on switching off all electrical appliances.

First up, I'm making sure electrical equipment in rooms I'm not using are turned off (not just left on standby).

Switching off

Something I'm guilty of is leaving my mobile phone charger plugged in even when I am not using it.

So I went around the house before I left for work this morning making sure all my sockets were switched off too. Leaving televisions, DVDs and computers on standby, rather than switching them off, emits four million tonnes of CO2 which is a huge amount.

Tomorrow I'll be be focusing on the lights around the house and how cutting the amount of time I spend in the shower could help the environment."


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