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Last Updated: Friday December 18 2009 13:54 GMT

Should bad taste cards be banned?

Tesco's ginger card

A Christmas card has been pulled off the shelves in UK supermarkets because some people found it offensive to people with ginger hair.

But what do you think? Are Christmas cards just a bit of fun that shouldn't be taken too seriously?

Or is it wrong to joke about people on Christmas cards?

Should shops be allowed to sell cards that some people find insulting - or should bad taste cards be banned?

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Your Comments

"I think this is mean. It is just as degrading as a blonde joke!"

Fiona, 10, Massachusetts, USA

"I think it is very offensive to ginger-haired people."

Ameliee, 10, London, England

"I think that this card may have just gone a step too far. Being ginger isn't that bad. I've got red hair at the moment and I don't mind it, but some people may find it offensive and I see where they're coming from."

Sophie, 13, Birmingham, England

"If we take everything that has the possibility to offend out of our lives, we will never learn to tolerate things like this. My brother is ginger and I am blonde and we both accept that because we have to. It only makes you stronger."

Louise, 13, Surrey, England

"I have ginger hair, but I don't really care. I just find it a joke!"

Louie, 11, Swansea, Wales

"I think it's just a bit of fun, and to be honest I think it is hilarious that people are making so much of a fuss over one insignificant card."

Rory, 11, Belfast, N. Ireland

"I think that it's very offensive. Some people are very sensitive and they may take it seriously. I'm not ginger but I think that it's still very wrong!"

Sidra, 13, Manchester, England

"This should be banned because red haired children are the same as any other kind of children."

Stephanie, 10, London, England

"I am ginger and I am very offended by this card. What does this have to do with Christmas?"

Alex, 11, Nottinghamshire, England

"I think it depends on what you find funny and what you find offensive. I think it's quite rude and encourages bullying, which is wrong."

Gemma, 10, London, England

"I think these bad taste cards should be banned because that's exactly what they are, bad taste."

James, 7, Swansea, Wales

"Cards with jokes on them like that should still be allowed to be sold. People shouldn't take them so seriously, it's just a joke."

Alice, 14, Worcester, England

"I think it is wrong because my mate has red hair, and if you were ginger how would you like it?"

Chloe, 12, London, England

"If you don't like these cards then don't buy them!"

Leah, 12, Cork, Ireland

"I thought it was funny and so did one of my friends who is ginger. However, another friend who is also ginger didn't find it funny at all, so really it depends on who you are sending the card to."

Connor, 11, Lanarkshire, Scotland

"I think horrible cards should be banned because it can upset your feelings."

Sophie, 8, Derbyshire, England

"I don't think that it is that bad actually. It is kind of sad that they are taking the mickey, but there are plenty of jokes about Scottish people and we don't get offended."

Holly, 13, Perthshire, Scotland

"The Christmas card can be offensive if you look at it the wrong way, but I'm sure that it wasn't meant to cause offence and it was just a misunderstanding."

Nuriel, 12, The Netherlands

"I don't think they should ban the cards because some people like them. If you don't like them, don't buy them."

Jasmine, 12, Kent, England

"To be honest I thought it was a bit out of order, but when I told my friend, who has ginger hair, she just laughed! If she's alright with it then I think we should be."

Fern, 13, Manchester, England

"I think it's incredibly insulting and I can't believe they even considered stocking the card."

Thea, 10, Hampshire, England

"I think it's fine to have this card because it's just a joke. I know plenty of people who have ginger hair and they really don't care."

Richard, 14, Staffordshire, England

"It's not very nice and it may seem like a joke, but it's actually really offensive. They shouldn't do it! It's like bullying."

Jenny, 10, Chester, England

"I think some cards like this are funny. If it's about hair colour I don't think it matters. If it was about skin colour I'd have thought it should be taken off the shelves."

Sam, 13, Rugby, England

"I am ginger and I think it's very offensive. It just encourages bullies to make fun of ginger people like they already do. I think it is very mean. What's wrong with ginger hair?"

Emma, 12, Essex, England

"I think people just overreact too much. I'm ginger and I find this funny, it hasn't offended me one bit."

Hannah, 13, Newcastle, England

"I think they should be banned, it's offensive. Why pick on people who have ginger hair?"

Chloe, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think they should be banned because they are not funny. It's rude and nasty to people with ginger hair."

Sky, 12, York, England

"Funny Christmas cards are fine, but they should not make fun of anything like hair colour, skin colour or religion."

Francesca, 10, Sussex, England

"I think that the wording in this card is unnecessarily hurtful to red heads. I thought we were meant to be getting rid of bullying, this only provokes it."

Zac, 9, Ipswich, England

"I think it's rude to red-haired people, but sometimes people need to take a joke."

Sarah, 12, London, England

"People joke about blondes and think it's funny, so why should people not joke about gingers? Gingers are rare and they should be proud, gingers are beautiful."

Gemma, 14, Ireland

"I think cards that offend people about certain parts of their body should be banned and taken off the shelves in all stores."

Katie, 13, Wales

"It's only meant as a joke, people need a laugh at this time of the year! It's just a joke and if I were ginger I think I'd feel special!"

Emma, 12, Surrey, England

"That card was offensive and it wasn't even funny! Some things are OK if it's just a bit of fun, but you can't take it too far."

Kara, 13, Scotland

"It's a horrible thing to do because ginger people aren't any different to people with black or brown hair."

James, 10, Sheffield, England

"I don't think they should be banned because it is only a joke!"

Ellie, 9, London, England

"Does this mean the British sense of humour will become illegal? I don't like being cruel, but I like people being funny."

Ryan, 12, Birmingham, England

"I think that this card should be banned because, as a red-head, I am very sensitive about my hair colour and I hate it when people pick on us just because of our hair colour. This might even cause more bullying!"

Lauren, 13, Portsmouth, England

"I think this card is funny. If it referred to a blond-haired child there wouldn't be such a fuss about it. I think people will take offence about anything."

Emily, 14, Stoke, England

"Take a chill pill - some people just take things too seriously!"

Lois, 13, Belfast, N. Ireland

"I think they should be banned because someone who may be really conscious about having ginger hair will be really upset to see that."

Hannah, 13, Shropshire, England

"I think that it is quite rude. Cards can be funny and not insulting at the same time. It is possible."

Rosie, 11, Hampshire, England

"I think this card is highly offensive because I have ginger hair and I get teased at school."

Carey, 11, West Sussex, England

"People need to chill! I saw this and my mates and I just laughed! It is a joke and even my ginger mate laughed!"

Frankie, 12, Wolverhampton, England

"I think that the card is awful and anyone who sends or has bought this card has no feelings."

Lydia, 13, Essex, England

"I think this is horrible! Little children may get bullied at school and this will not help them. The people who designed this card should be ashamed of themselves. It is terrible!"

Faye, 12, Cheshire, England

"I am very upset with this card and the wording on it. My Dad is ginger and he is no different to anyone else and so I am appalled with the person who wrote this."

Molly, 14, Torquay, England

"I don't think it should be banned but it is somewhat messed-up, since it is singling people out based on their looks."

Mary, 12, California, USA

"They shouldn't make fun of people with red hair. It is wrong. My sister and I get called names and we can't help what colour we are born with. It is nasty and can make people feel really sad and upset."

Beth, 11, Worcestershire, England

"It is not funny. It is nasty and they should be ashamed of themselves and say sorry. All of the people who laugh at the card should be ashamed of themselves too."

Danny, 11, Berkshire, England

"I think that this card is a disgrace. I have lots of ginger friends and I don't think it matters what colour hair you have. This card should never have been put out on the shelves."

Mitchell, 12, Suffolk, England

"I think that the card is very offensive to me and other red-headed children. I thought people were trying to stop bullying, but this just encourages it!"

Lydia, 11, Staffordshire, England

"They should be banned. I don't know who Tesco think they are but they have gone too far this time. Don't they understand that some people will take it the wrong way? Why is it ginger kids are always the ones that are targeted? Ridiculous."

Tom, 14, Manchester, England

"I do not like the Christmas card because I don't think it is nice to joke about people with ginger hair. My friend has ginger hair and if she had seen it I would think she would be quite upset about it."

Kacey, 9, Highlands, Scotland

"On one hand I really think people are just getting in a fuss over a card. It is only a joke. On the other hand, I do think it did offend people and the card should not have been made in the first place."

Megan, 10, Nottingham, England

"I think that it's mean because there is nothing different about ginger haired people."

Abi, 8, Winchester, England

"I think it's really sad because all they're doing is making fun of ginger people."

Ben, 9, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think this card was only meant as a joke and aimed at adults not children. If they made a card saying Santa loves all kids, even blonde ones, would the card still be judged?"

Michelle, 14, Wales

"I don't think they should be banned at all. It is a little bit offensive, but it's only meant to be funny! People are taking it the wrong way!"

Laura, 12, Northamptonshire, England

"What is wrong with having ginger hair? It is not fair and I think it should not have been allowed to be sold in the shops."

Lisa, 8, Merseyside, England

"I think cards that could offend people should be banned, as it's not fair to single someone out just because of their hair colour. There is nothing wrong with red hair."

Holly, 12, Kent, England

"I am a ginger, and personally I think this is very offensive. There is obviously nothing wrong with ginger kids at all, so how come everyone thinks our hair colour is so bad?"

Sophie, 11, Surrey, England

"Christmas cards like this shouldn't be banned, but people who do feel offended should have a right to speak up about it."

Amy, 12, Worcestershire, England

"I think cards that single people out like this can be offensive in one way or another. However, most cards are generally a laugh."

Ruhi, 14, Liverpool, England

"I think they should be banned because it's hurting people's feelings like mine, because I have got ginger hair."

Shannon, 11, Scotland

"I think that it is really offensive to ginger people. The card should be banned from all shops, as ginger people might get the wrong message."

Rachel, 11, England

"I think that some cards like this one are a bit offensive by singling people out who have a different hair colour. But some can be funny and shouldn't be taken too seriously."

Hannah, 13, Gloucester, England

"I think the card is offensive for some people, although it can be seen as a joke. However, if it was about skin colour or race, many people would be angry. Hair colour shouldn't be any different."

Zainab, 14, London, England

"I think that cards like that are very offensive and since I am ginger, I think people might bully ginger children. It doesn't mean we are different, it's just that our hair colour is rarer than others."

Emma, 10, Swansea, Wales

"I think people are overreacting. I'm ginger and I personally don't mind people making fun. Tonnes of jokes are made about blonde people and no one seems to care."

Rhys, 10, Oxfordshire, England

"Everybody should just calm down! It was a joke that meant no offence. If a person finds this card insulting they should not buy the card!"

Peter, 14, Doncaster, England

"I think the cards should be banned because it would be really offensive to people and it is wrong."

Charlene, 14, Bolton, England

"No, it's all just meant for fun. People are too uptight these days, they need to chill out and realise it's just a joke not a personal attack against them."

Dylan, 14, Belfast, Ireland

"I don't think they should be banned, but the senders must make sure the person they send it to has a sense of humour!"

Richard, 11, Maidstone, England