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Last Updated: Tuesday December 15 2009 10:21 GMT

Man held over Leona attack

Leona Lewis

A man has been held in hospital after admitting punching pop star Leona Lewis earlier this year.

Peter Kowalczyk, who's 29, was charged with hitting the singer during a book signing in London on 14 October.

The court heard how he said "gotcha" as he hit her in the face, which left the star scared to go out in public.

Kowalczyk, from London, has got mental health problems and admitted the attack. The court decided he will stay in hospital indefinitely.

'Frightened and devastated'

Leona Lewis wasn't in court but wrote a statement which was read out. It said: "I feel completely devastated by this attack.

"Now I am very frightened about going out in public and I don't know where the next attack will come from."