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Last Updated: Tuesday December 15 2009 06:56 GMT

BA strikes to ruin Christmas hols

A BA plane

A million people could face a miserable Christmas after British Airways staff decided to go on strike.

Lots of Brits fly away to see family and friends and go on holiday, but BA cabin crew are striking to complain about working conditions.

The walkout is due to start on 22 December and run until 2 January.

BA will try to change its flight schedules but if it doesn't have enough crew then the planes won't be able to leave the ground.

The airline says it's doing everything it can to stop the strikes going ahead.


Barry Harrison from Liverpool is one person affected. He's due to fly to the Caribbean with his wife and two kids on 1 January.

He said: "I am very worried about this strike action. We are going on a cruise so we will almost certainly miss our ship."

British Airways has lost money over the past few months.

It wants to save cash by getting rid of some cabin crew.