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Last Updated: Thursday December 17 2009 11:19 GMT

Did the top sports personality win?

Giggs wins BBC Sports Personality

Footballer Ryan Giggs has been crowned BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2009.

But the Manchester United and former Wales midfielder wasn't expected to pick up the prize - lots of people thought it would be F1 ace Jenson Button.

So did the right person win? Or would you have liked to see someone else in the top spot?

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Your Comments

"No, he's hardly done anything this year. Jenson has done more - he's won the F1 world championship for goodness sake!"

Charlotte, 14, Leicestershire, England

"Giggs definitely deserved it because he has served Manchester United for 20 years, which is probably the biggest achievement of all the candidates."

Martha, 10, Middlesex, England

"I think Andrew Strauss deserved to win as he did so well this summer, even though his team was falling down around him. Although Ryan Giggs is a great footballer, he should have got the Lifetime Achievement award instead."

Maya, 13, Cornwall, England

"Ryan Giggs did well to win, but I think either Jenson Button or Andrew Strauss should have won."

Daniel, 11, Essex, England

"I think Beth Tweddle should have won! She must put so much effort into doing her routines and to fail on bars which is her best piece! I think if she had won that would have made her feel so much better!"

Madison, 12, Milton Keynes, England

"No I think Jessica Ennis should have won because she's an AMAZING runner."

Rabiat, 12, Cumbria, England

"I think Tom should have won. I think Giggs should not have won it because he hasn't really done anything this year."

Thomas, 9, Cheshire, England

"Jenson deserved it more."

Amy, 10, Buckinghamshire, England

"I didn't really watch it but I wanted Jenson Button to win."

Keelin, 9, London, England

"I think they chose the right person because Ryan Giggs is a role model to loads of young footballers who want to have a football career."

Ben, 9, Glasgow, Scotland

"Ryan Giggs deserved to win. He plays for the best club and he has already won the Welsh Sports Personality of the Year 2009. He is my favourite Manchester United player."

Billy, 11, Shrewsbury, England

"Jenson should have won."

Max, 9, England