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Last Updated: Friday December 11 2009 09:51 GMT

Little cousin of T.rex discovered

The newly discovered meat-eating dinosaur, Tawa hallae

A new species of dinosaur that looks like a mini T-Rex has been discovered by scientists in New Mexico, America.

It's called 'Tawa hallae' after the native American god of the sun.

Scientists are excited about the find, as it tells them more about how dinosaurs evolved in North and South America, and spread around the world.

The dinosaur is two meters long, has sharp ridged teeth like a steak knife, and would have lived in the late Triassic period 213 million years ago.

Sharp curved teeth

Artist's impression of the meat-eating dinosaur Tawa Hallae
Tawa hallae lived 213 million years ago

Tawa hallae is a distant relative of the T.rex and Velociraptor and would have walked on its back legs.

Big continent

When Tawa hallae was alive North and South America were joined up into a super continent called Pangaea.

Some scientists think dinosaurs originated on this massive continent, and then spread around the world.