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Last Updated: Thursday December 10 2009 15:46 GMT

In pictures: Christmas lights around the world

Christmas lights in Washington

Christmas lights have been getting the big switch on all over the world, like these ones in American capital Washington DC.

Eric Marshall with his Christmas lights

On a smaller scale, but only slightly, is Eric Marshall from Bagby in Yorkshire. He charges people to look at his lights, and gives the cash to charity.

Fireworks and lights in Mexico City

It's not just lights but fireworks in Mexico City, Mexico.

Girl with lights in Kuala Lumpur

Things look a little calmer for this girl in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Rolf Vogt with his lights in Germany

Another country, another man with lots of lights. Rolf Vogt from Calle in Germany has obviously spent a while on his display.

Lights in Varna, Bulgaria

The shape of a tree is picked out in lights and reflected in this pool in Varna, Bulgaria.

Lights in Warsaw, Poland

And in Polish capital Warsaw, this shopper is silhouetted against the lights.