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Last Updated: Thursday December 10 2009 18:23 GMT

Girl writes letter to burglar

Leah reports on Amy's letter

While loads of you have probably been spending time writing letters to Santa, 10 year-old Amy has been writing to a teenager who robbed her home instead.

Amy was upset when she came home one day and found her home had been burgled - and decided to do something about it.

After police caught the thief, Amy wrote a letter to him to ask him why he'd done it. The thief was so upset, he wrote back to apologise.

Now police are thinking about using this idea more often to fight crime.

Police in West Yorkshire plan to send Amy's letter as a Christmas card to known burglars, in a campaign to make them think twice before they break into someone's home.

Letter by Amy Winteridge to the teenager who burgled her home.
Amy's letter

Amy's mum says the letter helped her daughter deal with what happened and she's really proud of her.

Stop and think

Amy ended the letter with a picture of herself and an arrow pointing to the words "me upset" - hoping it would make the burglar stop and think.