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Last Updated: Wednesday December 09 2009 17:32 GMT

Free school food for 500,000 kids

School meal

Half a million more kids will be able to get free school meals, the government announced on Wednesday.

The amount of money parents earn decides who gets free lunches.

In future more kids will get free lunch as the amount of money parents can earn - and still get their children free lunches - will go up.

It's part of something called the Pre-Budget Report (PBR), when the politician in charge of Britain's cash announces his plans for the next year.

Some people want all school kids to get free school food.


Until now, only kids whose parents or guardians earn less than £16,040 a year could get free meals, but that's going to be increased to £16,190.

Richard Watts of the Children's Food Campaign said: "This announcement will mean more children get access to good food at school, which will improve their health, ability to learn and behaviour in the classroom.

"Families on low income will really welcome this extra help."