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Last Updated: Tuesday December 08 2009 15:20 GMT

Someone's stolen our dinosaur!

A model dinosaur

Someone's stolen a remote-controlled dinosaur worth around £55,000 ($100,000)from an exhibition in Mexico.

The Walking With Dinosaurs show has 10 different species of the animals, including T Rex and the Stegosaurus.

Nothing's ever been stolen from the touring show before, but after just one day staff noticed one of the models had gone missing.

One of the organisers Karla Arroyo said: "Only in Mexico! How it happened we don't know."

Computer graphics

The Walking With Dinosaurs show is based on the BBC TV series from a few years ago where they used robots and computer graphics to show how dinosaurs used to live.

Some of the remote controlled dinosaurs in the show are are as big as 13m, and cost up to £600,000.

But the organisers say even though they're missing one of their robots, the show will go on!