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Last Updated: Tuesday December 08 2009 18:01 GMT

Passenger space rocket unveiled

Now you can take a trip to space!

The world's first rocket that can take groups of people into space has been unveiled by Sir Richard Branson.

The Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo can take six passengers into orbit, just above Earth's atmosphere.

The journey, which lasts just two hours, comes with a hefty price tag and will cost each person around £121,000.

The first spacecraft will be ready to carry passengers by around 2011. It's thought 300 people have already signed up for the flight.

Once the rocket plane is ready, the very first group to make the trip to space will be Sir Richard and his family.


Richard Branson next to his new spaceliner, Galactic

To launch, SpaceShipTwo will be lifted by a carrier vehicle and then blasted skywards.

During the flight, passengers will experience around six minutes of weightlessness, before the spacecraft re-enters Earth's atmosphere.

The first flights will leave from New Mexico, in America, but Sir Richard hopes they will eventually blast off from locations around the globe.

He said he hoped to take 1,000 people on the journey into space in the first year of flights.