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Last Updated: Tuesday December 08 2009 07:41 GMT

Lessons to keep you safe online

A laptop computer

Lessons in how to use the internet safely are soon going to be part of classes in primary schools in England.

They're being introduced to tackle things like bullying and to teach you what to do if you get messages that make you feel uncomfortable.

The online safety lessons are going to be taught to kids in England from the age of five from 2011.

Around 140 groups got together to come up with the things kids need to know when they are online.

Children will also be taught to follow online rules to report pages they find on the internet that seem unsafe - to the website, teachers or police.


Lots of big websites, including Google, have said they will support the campaign.

And Children's Secretary Ed Balls said he thinks the campaign's a good idea: "(It will) provide a handy tool for children and parents to give them the confidence to know how to protect themselves online."