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Last Updated: Monday December 07 2009 18:48 GMT

Our Jedward review X Factor

John and Edward

John and Edward are identical twins, just like Jedward on the X Factor.

With Danyl voted off and the final approaching on Saturday, we asked Newsround's own Jedward twins what they thought of the show, and of course who they now want to win!

"I think it was a wrong decision to vote Danyl off, because he has such a powerful voice," John said.

"I thought they all sang well," Edward said.

Read on to check out what John and Edward had to say about the rest of the acts.

Olly Murs

"I think he has been good throughout the competition, he has a powerful voice and is a good entertainer," said John, who wants Olly to win on Saturday.

"It wasn't his best performance," Edward reckoned.

Joe McEldery

"He's got the most powerful voice and I think he should win," Edward said.

Stacey Soloman

"She's the only girl left in the competition and so she deserves to be in the final," John thought.

Edward agreed: "I think Stacey did well because she had to sing a song originally sung by a man."