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Last Updated: Monday December 07 2009 17:46 GMT

Grand Prix to take place in Silverstone

Jenson Button at the Grand Prix in Silverstone

Formula One fans can breathe a sigh of relief - there will definitely be a British Grand Prix in 2010.

The British race, which was held at Silverstone this year, was set to happen at Donington Park in 2010.

But the track at Donington needed to be upgraded, and Donington didn't have the money it needed to make the changes.

There were fears that meant there wouldn't be a race in the UK, but a new deal has been struck that means the race will happen back at Silverstone.

The deal means Silverstone will be home to Formula One in the UK for the next 17 years.

Under the agreement, the Northampton circuit is having to brush up its facilities. The circuit is going to be rebuilding its pit lanes and paddock.

The improvements to the circuit had to be part of the agreement because the big boss of F1, Bernie Ecclestone, thought Silverstone wasn't good enough for a Formula One race.

Row over money

The 2010 Grand Prix race was supposed to take place at a circuit called Donington Park, after years of being held at Silverstone.

The owners of Donington Park weren't going to organise the race themselves. Another company was set to borrow the track from them and pay rent to use it.

But Donington owners said they hadn't been paid any rent since December 2008. Their disagreements over money meant that Donington could not raise enough cash to upgrade their facilities.

Silverstone has hosted the British GP, the oldest race on the F1 calendar, every year since 1987, and continued to plan for the 2010 race even after Donington secured the rights.