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Last Updated: Monday December 07 2009 12:54 GMT

New bridge opens in Cumbria

Footbridge opens in Cumbria

The journey to school is now easier for kids in Workington, Cumbria, after a new footbridge opened there on Monday.

The temporary bridge, which crosses the River Derwent, was built by the Army to replace several bridges destroyed by recent floods.

It's called Barker Crossing after PC Bill Barker who died when nearby Northside Bridge collapsed.

It's the first time since the floods that people in Workington can cross the river on foot.

Last week a temporary train station reunited the two parts of a Cumbrian town.

Long journey

Barker Crossing is 52m long and took the Army just a week to build.

Since the area was flooded, getting to school has been difficult for children and many have had to get on a bus for a three-hour trip.

The new footbridge was built in sections at an army base, and then transported to Workington.

Engineers reckon the new bridge is strong enough to cope with most types of floods.