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Last Updated: Saturday December 05 2009 10:34 GMT

In pictures: Doctor Who Christmas Special!

David Tennant

We're almost at the end of David Tennant's time as Doctor Who. We've got some clues to how it may all end, but be careful, because there are some big SPOILERS!!!!

David Tennant

If you watched Children in Need you'll know the Ood are back in End Of Time: Part 1, which will be shown at 6pm on BBC1 on Christmas Day.

Bernard Cribbins

Some familiar faces are back for the final two specials of David Tennant's turn in the Tardis. Bernard Cribbins returns as Donna's grandad, Wilf - with added antlers.

Bernard Cribbins and David Tennant

But it seems he finally gets to step inside the Tardis himself, after keeping Donna's missions with the Doctor secret for so long.

Catherine Tate

And Donna's back too! Now the last time we saw her Donna's memory had been wiped, so will she get her old thoughts back, and will she be able to cope with them?

Lawry Levin and Sinead Keenan

Now these guys are definitely new! They are called Rossiter and Addams and seem to be from a race called the Vinvocci. Spiky!

Simon Thomas

And we've not seen this man before either. He's called Mr Danes and let's be honest, looks like a nasty piece of work.

David Harewood and Tracy Ifeachor

These people are new too. They're called Joshua and Angela Naismith and we think they look a bit like they could be part of the government or some top secret agency.

David Tennant

But it's not all new stuff. It wouldn't be a Doctor Who episode with the man running around with his coat flying around him.

John Simm

And it seems the Doctor isn't the only person doing some running in the Christmas episodes. But just who is this mysterious character?

John Simm

It's the Master! With a funky new blonde haircut! But he's supposed to be dead, isn't he?

John Simm

It would appear not. And it seems actor John Simm is having a lot of fun bringing back one of the series' top baddies.

David Tennant

So just how will David Tennant leave the Tardis for the last time, and will it be the Master who ends his stint as the Time Lord? We'll find out on New Year's Day in part 2.

Bernard Cribbins, David Tennant and John Simm

Doctor Who and The End of Time Part One will be shown on Christmas Day between 6-7pm. The second part will shown on New Year's Day between 6.40pm - 7.55pm.

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