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Last Updated: Thursday December 03 2009 15:10 GMT

Robot hand controlled by the mind

Life Hand being controlled

Robot hand controlled by the mind

Scientists have invented a replacement hand that's controlled by your mind and can feel just like a real one.

A man who lost part of his arm in a car crash has been trying it out, after doctors attached it to him using special wires.

By the end of the experiment he could wiggle the robotic fingers, make a fist and grab objects with his new hand.

It's called the Life Hand. It has cost £2m and has taken the team five years to build.

Pierpaolo Petruzziello and the a robotic hand

The scientists say their invention is the first to let someone use an artificial hand to make really complicated moves using just their thoughts.

The experiment, which took place in Italy, lasted just a month, because they weren't sure how long the wires connecting the hand to the man's nerves would last.

But they hope one day they could permanently attach a hand like this to a human.