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Last Updated: Wednesday December 02 2009 19:13 GMT

No extra referees for World Cup

Goal referee
Goal-line officials have been used in this season's Europa League

Football chiefs Fifa say there will not be any extra linesmen in games at the World Cup in 2010.

They discussed having two more officials- one at each end of the field- to help the ref make decisions.

It's thought that goal-line officials could have spotted French striker Thierry Henry's handball, which helped France beat Ireland in their play-off.

Fifa say there will be more talks in the future about using extra refs and video technology in matches.

There are already goal-line officials being used in European football competition the Europa League.

Handball investigation

Meanwhile, there's a Fifa investigation underway into Thierry Henry's handball.

Henry touched the ball with his hand before passing to a team-mate who scored the winning goal against the Republic of Ireland in the match last month.

The result meant that France qualified to go to the World Cup instead of Ireland.