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Last Updated: Tuesday December 08 2009 06:18 GMT

I met an elephant on a UK mission

Press Packer Joe

Press Packer Joe and his classmates had a visit from a touring man-made elephant.

Here he reports on why this elephant is touring the UK!

"At my school we had a visit from an almost life-size elephant we helped to design and paint.

It wasn't a real elephant! But it's there to raise awareness of starving animals in Kenya.

Design competition

Ellie the touring elephant
Ellie the touring elephant

A competition was held in school and the four winners designs were incorporated in paints all over his body.

It was the beginning of the elephants journey to promote the desperate plight of animals in Kenya who need to be protected in a reserve.

Our school is the lead school and the elephants will now be taken to other schools around the country.

Fundraising for animals

The elephant is there to advertise a sponsored walk in May to raise funds for an animal charity.

Touring elephants
The other elephants await their designs

The money will be used to buy a reserve to help all the endangered animals and protect them from poachers and to increase their habitat.

Our questions answered

The day ended with an assembly where children could ask questions to the head of the charity all the money is being raised for, Jakarna.

Then to round the day off parents and children enjoyed delicious iced elephant biscuits and a cup of tea."

Joe, 9, Shropshire, England

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