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Last Updated: Monday November 30 2009 15:30 GMT

Ireland ask for World Cup place

Ireland players argue with the referee
Ireland players argue with the referee after the controversial French goal

The Republic of Ireland football team have asked Fifa if they can play in the World Cup as an extra team.

They lost their play-off against France after French striker Thierry Henry touched the ball with his hand shortly before the winning goal.

Republic of Ireland say this was unfair and they should be allowed to play at the competition in South Africa.

Fifa president said Sepp Blatter it's unlikely to happen, but he will discuss the request at a meeting on Wednesday.

Mr Blatter said: "I will bring it to the attention of the Executive Committee."


At the meeting bosses will also talk about whether new technology and extra referees should be used in the competition to help spot players cheating.

Thirty-two countries have qualified to go to South Africa. If Ireland are allowed to play, they would be the 33rd team.

The draw to decide who plays who will take place Friday.