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Last Updated: Saturday November 28 2009 14:24 GMT

Party for Australia's panda gifts

Wang Wang the panda

A big party in Adelaide in Australia has been taking place to welcome two new giant pandas to the city's zoo.

Wang Wang and Fu Ni have been sent to Adelaide Zoo from China, and will spend the next 10 years in a specially made enclosure costing more than £4m.

The enclosure has lots of room for the pair to move around in, and even has refrigerated rocks to keep them cool.

It's hoped that Wang Wang and Fu Ni will bring in more than £300m in ticket sales during their time in Adelaide.

Fu Ni the panda
Fu Ni gets ready to begin her journey to Australia

Only around 1,600 giant panda are still alive in the wild. Another 120 live in Chinese facilities and zoos.

Parade on arrival

China often sends pandas as gifts to other countries. Some of the money made from people going to see them is given back to China to help keep the species going.

When the animals arrived in Australia life-size panda figures were at the airport, and the animals were paraded through the city on the way to their new home.