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Last Updated: Saturday November 28 2009 11:27 GMT

Golfer Tiger Woods is recovering after a car crash

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is recovering from a car accident near his home in America that made huge headlines around the world.

The world's top golfer was driving his car away from his house in Florida very early in the morning on Saturday, and hit a fire hydrant and a tree.

Woods cut his face in the accident and was taken to hospital for treatment. He is now back at home.

Woods' wife Elin told police she used one of his golf clubs to smash the rear window of his car to get him out.

Security guards outside Tiger Woods' home in Florida
Security guards outside Tiger Woods' home in Florida

When the news first broke on Friday evening it was being reported that Woods was seriously injured, but Woods' website later said he was "admitted, treated and released in good condition".

Police in America have said they don't believe alcohol was involved in the accident.

The cause of the accident is now being investigated. The police have said Woods' car was not moving very quickly, because its airbags did not open.