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Last Updated: Friday November 27 2009 16:49 GMT

Army to build flood town bridge

Army build emergency bridge

The Army are getting ready to build a bridge in Cumbria that will link two parts of a town cut off by floods.

Getting around Workington is really difficult at the moment. Recent floods in Cumbria have destroyed a number of bridges in the area.

The temporary bridge will take around 10 days to build, and will reconnect the north and south parts of the town.

Workington is separated by the River Derwent. The bridge will allow people to walk over that river.

It won't be strong enough for people to drive cars over. Experts are still looking at way to solve that problem.

A bridge in Huddersfield
The bridge in Cumbria will look like this one in Huddersfield

Some drivers could be in trouble after cameras spotted them removing road safety signs and barriers on the Calva Bridge so they can drive across. There are worries the bridge could collapse, so it has been closed.

Some 200 soldiers will be involved in the operation to create the new footbridge, including the Royal Engineers, Royal Logistic Corps, Royal Signals and Royal Military Police.

Policeman's funeral

On Friday, the funeral of Pc Bill Barker, who died helping motorists off a bridge in Cumbria, took place.

More than 500 people attended the public service in his home town of Egremont.