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Last Updated: Thursday November 26 2009 15:04 GMT

Gold treasure find worth millions

A gold strip with a Biblical inscription

A collection of Anglo-Saxon gold dug up from a field in the west of England has been valued at £3.285 million.

The treasure was discovered in July in Staffordshire by a man using a metal detector. The money will now be split between him and the owner of the land.

Some 1,600 items were found including jewellery, bits of swords, helmet parts and crosses.

The hoard was buried for 1,400 years and is the largest discovery of its kind ever.

Farmer Fred Johnson
Fred Johnson will receive more than 1.6m

A group of eight experts decided on how much it was all worth.

Fred Johnson, who owns the land where it was found, hasn't decided what to spend the money on. He said: "I'm not coming to any quick decisions."

Part of the collection is on display at the British Museum in London, and will move north to Stoke-on-Trent in 2010.