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Last Updated: Wednesday November 25 2009 14:40 GMT

Beckham talks about his asthma

David Beckham

England footballer David Beckham has been speaking about his asthma for the first time.

Beckham surprised a lot of people when he was spotted using an inhaler after a game against Real Salt Lake.

He said: "I have a slight case of asthma, which I have had for years. It just never came out."

Beckham was talking to journalists in America a few days after the final game of the MLS season, which his LA Galaxy team lost on penalties.

Until then, it's thought few people knew the former Manchester United and Real Madrid player had the condition.

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Beckham went on to say: "I never talked about it, there is no reason to talk about it. I think, that is just me."

He also spoke about his plans to head back to Italy to play for AC Milan again when the transfer window opens in January and the challenge to his fitness.

Beckham added: "I think you always feel worn out at the end of the season, this is part of it.

"Any athlete would say that you don't come to the end of the season and feel fresh, because if you do, then there is something wrong with the effort you gave during the season."