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Last Updated: Tuesday November 24 2009 17:23 GMT

Draco actor supports Radcliffe

Tom Felton

They may be enemies on screen, but the actors who play Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy seem pretty good pals off it.

Dark-wizard-in-waiting Draco's real-life version Tom Felton has backed Daniel Radcliffe after reports the Harry Potter hero had smoked drugs.

A newspaper recently printed a story that Radcliffe had smoked cannabis at a party - something Radcliffe denies.

Now Felton has stood up for Radcliffe, saying it's hard for the film's biggest stars to stay "squeaky clean".

He told a different newspaper: "Those guys couldn't be more professional, especially Daniel, not only with the acting part but dealing with the day-to-day stuff. I look up to him."

Felton explained to the Daily Telegraph: "We've all worked together for so long. They're all lovely people.

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe

"He did ring me last week. He's a trouper, he's doing his best. I just reassured him that the vast majority of people are on his side."

The original newspaper report was in the Daily Mirror.

Someone said they were at a party with Radcliffe and he smoked cannabis during it. Radcliffe has since said he didn't take drugs, although he did confess to smoking "the occasional cigarette."