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Last Updated: Tuesday November 24 2009 07:14 GMT

Fears that flooding may return

Ricky follows the flood clean-up

People living in parts of the UK that are just getting things back together after floods are fearful of more rain.

Forecasters say more storms are on the way to parts of Scotland and north west England, where heavy rain has caused big problems in recent days.

Some of that rain is expected in Cumbria, which means the flood waters that drained away could rise again.

Up to 10cm (3.9in) of rain is forecast over high ground and 20 flood warnings remain in place in England and Wales.

Lots of schools were closed in Cumbria on Monday, with some expected to remain closed again on Tuesday.

The worst of the flooding affected a town called Cockermouth in Cumbria, and on Monday people started to head back to their soaked homes.

Ricky investigates the recent floods

Getting around the area is also very difficult, as a number of bridges collapsed because of the pressure the flood water put on them.

Dangerous bridges

Other bridges have been closed because they may not be safe for people to travel over.

In Workington a dangerous bridge means journeys from one side of town to the other are 30 miles longer than they were before the floods.