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Last Updated: Monday November 23 2009 16:34 GMT

Australia is on top fire alert

A firefighter gets ready to tackle a blazing tree

Firefighters in Australia are still trying to put out more than 80 blazes in the south of the country.

The area has had record temperatures of 40C, but emergency services say it's getting cooler now.

Around 600 firefighters have been tackling the blazes, and helicopters have been flown in to drop water bombs.

Officials in the Australia fire service have warned people living in the area to leave their homes before a fire starts.

Earlier this year 173 people were killed in some of the worst bushfires Australia has ever seen.

A helicopter drops a water bomb onto fires in New South Wales
A helicopter drops a water bomb onto fires in New South Wales

On Sunday the fires swept through a massive area about the size of 1500 football pitches.

People around the towns of Rylstone and Kandos have been told to evacuate.

There, fires have already claimed one house, and killed cattle, kangaroos and other animals.

Water bombs

Helicopters have been dropping big bags of water on the bombs and the army have also started training so can help emergency services control the fires.

They're hoping that it will get easier to deal with the flames over the next few days because the weather is going to be cooler and hopefully there'll be some rain too.