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Last Updated: Monday November 23 2009 17:02 GMT

People return to flooded homes

Ricky visits flood-hit town

Around 900 people in Cockermouth have been allowed to return to their homes and businesses after the area was devastated by floods.

All buildings in Cumbrian town are being checked by engineers before people are allowed back inside them.

Elsewhere in Cumbria at least 25 roads and 16 bridges remain closed after floodwater made bridges and roads unsafe to travel on.

Many children had the day off school on Monday as the clean-up operation began.

Schools closed

Cumbria County Council said 13 primary schools and five secondary schools would be closed on Monday, but should be open again on Tuesday.

Cockermouth in Cumbria
There's a lot of cleaning up to do in Cumbria

Building experts are still lookning around 1,800 bridges in the area, to check they are ok to use.

Some have already washed away, and on Friday a policeman died after a bridge he was standing on collapsed.

Weakened bridges

The flood water has made a lot of the bridges much weaker, so many of the ones that haven't fallen down can't be driven over.

That's forcing a lot of people to try to find different ways of getting around, and in many cases that means journeys are much longer than they would otherwise be.