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Last Updated: Saturday November 21 2009 14:09 GMT

Prime Minister meets flood victims

Flooding in Cockermouth

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been to Cumbria in north-west England to see for himself the flooding which has caused major problems.

Hundreds of people have had to leave their homes after water swept though the streets where they live.

It was the wettest day ever recorded in England, and the rain has destroyed bridges and covered roads.

More bad weather is expected, and there are worries that it might make the rescue effort even harder.


Ricky investigates the recent floods

The prime minister has been meeting victims of the floods and also the emergency workers who have been rescuing the people trapped in their homes.

He said "What you've done in the last few days is tackle one of the greatest rainfalls we've seen in our country and you've done it with such superb organisation."

He says that £1m will be spent to help repair the damage.


A police officer, Pc Bill Barker, died after a bridge he was on was washed away in Workington. He was helping to get motorists to safety at the time.

Gordon Brown described him as "a heroic man".

It's not just in England where the rain is causing problems though, with parts of Scotland and Wales also flooding.