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Last Updated: Friday November 20 2009 17:41 GMT

What's behind the Strictly split?

Hayley finds out about the Strictly row

Loads of you have got in touch to complain about the plans to split Strictly Come Dancing in two, with the results shown at 9.40pm on Saturday.

Newsround spoke to George Dixon who's in charge of deciding what time programmes get shown on BBC One.

He said he was "really sorry some children can't get to watch it that late at night."

Although there were no plans to move the show this year, he said it might be put on earlier next year.

The show is splitting into two parts because more and more people phone in to vote as the show gets closer to the end of its run.

Vote count

That means the people who count the phone votes need more time check their numbers.

So the show's producers decided to split the show, and 9.40pm was apparently the only slot available.