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Last Updated: Friday November 20 2009 15:47 GMT

Is this UK's smallest school?

Kids at Hollinsclough Primary

Kids at Hollinsclough Primary School in the Peak District certainly don't have a problem with overcrowding - there are only five of them!

The school used to have 50 pupils, but numbers have dropped in recent years, meaning teachers nearly outnumber kids.

Along with two teachers and a head, there is also a French specialist.

Staff and parents say the size of the school means the kids get a better education, so they hope their tiny school stays open.

Lots of schools in that part of north-west England have shut because of falling pupil numbers.

The school's governors say they hope the number of pupils going there will start to climb again.

At the moment, there aren't enough kids to stage a full nativity play, and when they want to play sports, they have to go to another, near-by school.