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Last Updated: Friday November 20 2009 13:03 GMT

In pictures: Flooding in Cumbria


Heavy rain has caused flooding in the town of Cockermouth in Cumbria. More than 200 people had to be rescued from their homes by lifeboats.

A night rescue in Cockermouth

The RNLI lifeboats are normally used to help people at sea. It's not often that they're needed to save people on a high street.

A helicopter rescues people in Cockermouth

Helicopters were also used to pluck people from their homes. Some of them had to smash through their roofs to make it to safety.

RNLI members help someone in Cockermouth

The flooding became a problem overnight, but as it got light on Friday morning there was still much to do to make people safer.

People are saved through their windows

An MP from the area, Tony Cunningham, said the flooding is the type only seen once every 1,000 years.


The floods have been caused by heavy rain falling on ground that was already soaking wet. That meant the rain all ran into rivers, so the levels kept rising.