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Last Updated: Friday November 20 2009 07:32 GMT

Doctor Who hits Children in Need

The Doctor

Doctor Who fans will get a taster of the Time Lord's latest adventure on this year's Children in Need show.

The clip is from the Christmas Special called The End of Time, Part One, and will be shown as part of the show on Friday 20 November on BBC One.

David Tennant, who plays the Doctor, said: "Doctor Who has always been a big supporter of Children in Need.

"We're really pleased this year our very special Christmas story is being exclusively previewed on the show."

The people who make Doctor Who have also released some pictures from the Christmas special, and it looks like the Doctor has picked the wrong outfit for the time of year!

It's an exciting time for Who fans, as David Tennant gets closer to the end of his time as the Doctor.

The Time Lord will be regenerating into Matt Smith at some point in the next two episodes.

Doctor Who
Matt Smith as The Doctor




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