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Last Updated: Monday November 23 2009 19:52 GMT

What did you do for Children In Need?

Pudsey with Children in Need stars

It was Children in Need on Friday - and we want to know if you did something different!

CBBC star Hacker made some cakes - and some of the Newsround presenters got together for a special pop performance!

Send us YOUR Children in Need pics

So did you go to school in your pyjamas? Or perhaps you took part in a sponsored silence? Maybe you made some cakes to sell like Hacker?

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Your comments

"Our school donated £3000."

Jane, 12, London, England

"At school we wore yellow accessories and paid a pound and sold cakes."

Audrey, 13, London, England

"I did a dance and raised £750."

Emily, 9, West Midlands, England

"For Children In Need we dressed up as some sort of job. Also we had some stalls. Also Year 7 and 8 are rowing round the world. So far we have raised over £800 pounds and we are only a small school."

Gwenllain, 12, Wales

"Our school had a big school show and collection boxes to donate money in and we all had to wear red and yellow! Yay, no uniform."

Kara, 13, Scotland

"Me and my friends did magic shows, games, contests and a sale and we raised £35."

Caitlin, 8, Merseyside, England

"My teachers had to eat lots of disgusting things like pig brain, heart, and nose."

Tallulah, 13, Kent, England

"Me and my friends ran a talent show and we raised £500 for charity."

Annabell, 12, Hampshire, England

"My school had a dress down day and we all had so much fun!"

Faye, 10, Essex, England

"At school I covered some of Pudsey with silver coins."

Mia, 8, London, England

"We are seeing who can do the most press ups, one press up is worth one pound."

Emma, 11, Lancashire, England

"We brought in teddies and money. We raised just over £360."

Ffion, 9, Bristol, England

"We had a cake sale at my school and we raised loads of money."

Hally, 11, Birmingham, England

"Me and my school we dressed in our house colour red and did a raffle. It was so much fun!"

Rebecca, 11, Lincolnshire, England

"My family gave £150 to Children In Need! My school dressed in spots, yellow or bright colours. We raised around £357!"

George, 8, Middlesex, England

"I did a biscuit sale at school and raised £22.52 All my biscuits went fast fast fast!"

Heather, 10, Kent, England

"Our guides did a fashion show, a raffle and a bring and buy!"

Hannah, 13, England

"We had to dress in spots and bring in our favourite teddy!"

Manty, 10, Yorkshire, England

"Me and my friends did a brain test. And a boy in my school shaved his head, I think he raised something over £80"

Kayleigh, 11, Suffolk, England

"Me and my friends went to school in pigeon outfits and danced in the playground while handcuffed together."

Claire, 12, Warwick, England

"For Children In Need me and my best friend Ruby were handcuffed together all day at school."

Ellie, 12, Worcester, England

"Me and three of my friends have done a sponsored silence for Children in Need and raised over £200!!!"

Gracie, 12, London, England

"I did a sponsored silence from Sunday to Friday and raised over £25!"

Holly, 10, Torquay, England

"We did a Pudsey market at school and raised over £170 by filling a big teddy in the school hall."

Louise, 11, Surrey, England

"I sold books and cakes in my class for children in need. Our class made £92. I sold some cakes. I think altogether our school made about £300 for Children In Need."

Anna, 9, Chester, England

"I'm doing a sponsored silence and got £2.30 for it. I'm going to do things that are sponsored."

Leah, 9, Hampshire, England

"Yesterday at school we all brought our teddies in. Even the teacher had lessons with them."

Amy, 11, Wiltshire, England

"At school we could bring in a cuddly toy, fill in a painted Pudsey with coins, dance for ages or draw a cartoon character."

Joe, 10, Kent, England

"It was a great day. I watched Children In Need. It was brilliant how much money they raised. Children In Need is a brilliant day to get money for not very well people."

Nicole, 9, Tyne and Wear, England

"In my school we did own clothes day and the sixth formers did fancy dress and they looked awesome."

Samantha, 14, Wales

"My brothers and sister are making things and doing sponsored silences."

Mario, 9, Hampshire, England

"On children in need I wore spotty clothes and everybody had to pay 50p or more."

Cameron, 7, Wales

"Our school went dressed in spotty clothes for Children In Need. I wore spotty PJs and face paint. It was great fun ! We raised around £400."

Megan, 10, Dundee, Scotland

"I did a fun run."

Zack, 9, Chester, England

"I had a sponsored silence with a friend."

Samantha, 12, London, England

"At my school there was a cake sale, a sweet sale, a jewellery sale, a toy sale, and my teacher asked my class to raise £50. If we did we could cut his hair on Children In Need day! Everyone got out their phones and cameras and after school there was a 'sponge the teacher' in the basketball court! We had so much fun!"

Nahida, 10, London, England

"Our school had a spotty day where you could wear spotty clothes. You could bring money as well and altogether we raised £290!!!"

Kirsten, 10, Scotland

"We dressed in our PJs and everyone gave at least one pound and in total we raised over £190!"

Vova, 10, Scotland

"My school put on a talent show and I read a poem called A Red Red Rose."

Kayley, 6, Wales

"Me and my best friend are on the helping group in our school. We organise things for charity to raise money. This year we sold cakes in the town centre. We made £106, yay! Then we designed some of our old clothes and made it unique and we made £50. Not bad but okay. On Friday we made spotty handkerchiefs and the really good ones were sold by bidding. Someone's handkerchief made £32, woweee. But everyone had to bring in 50p that made £624 So altogether our school raised £812 YAY!"

Naeema, 11, Bradford, England

"We had a cake stall and the whole school dressed up really randomly and it was really wacky. We raised loads of money."

Cerys, 10, Wales

"I am going to wear non-uniform to school and purchase my very own Pudsey goodie bag!!"

Shoaib, 11, Birmingham, England

"The girls had to dress up as boys and the boys had to dress up as girls. It was so funny and I raised six pounds so that is quite good by myself."

Melissa, 9, Birmingham, England

"We went into school in our pyjamas!!! We had to donate £2 each. There are 400 children in my school and some people brought in a fiver, so we got loads and we donated it all."

Cay, 11, Liverpool, England

"Our school had a 'Guess the amount of chocolates in the box'. My and my friend went round. The money box got really heavy! Plus, we did the Pudsey EAT 4 FREE lunch. It was yummy!!!!! However, we eat for free at our school anyway."

Niamh, 10, Durham, England

"I have done things to support Children In Need and I am watching the programme. Me and my friend Joanne have raised money for Children In Need and done stuff!"

Bethan, 9, West Sussex, England

"Me and my friends Imogen and Emily all did a sponsored silence all day and raised about £61!!"

Harriet, 10, Leeds, England

"We went to school in our own clothes and had a bake sale and a table top sale we raised from the table top sale 182 pounds."

Romilly, 10, Hertfordshire, England

"Thank you Children In Need, I've had the best day EVER."

Dion, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"My form at school did a game where we had boxes numbered 1 to 100. You paid 10p per square and behind one square was £5. Whoever picked that square got £5 then £5 went to Children In Need. I did a sponsored one hour jog and gave the money to Children In Need."

Tekeila, 12, Surrey, England

"At my school we did cross country and at dinnertime seven of the male teachers had their legs waxed by sixth formers and one sixth form boy had his chest waxed."

Lydia, 12, England

"For Children In Need my school did a sale of toys, books and that sort of stuff and since I am in Year 6 I was on a stall and all together I think my school raised £548.19!"

Chloe, 10, Wales

"We put up a sale at the end of our road selling cakes, books, DVDs and toys. We raised £43."

Niamh and Orlaith, 12 and 10, Essex, England

"We all went to school dressed up as a film or book character. I went as Mittens from the film Bolt."

Molly, 7, North Shields, England

"I did a cake sale but not sure how much money I raised, I am still counting."

Matthew, 7, Surrey, England

"We had a cake stall It was yummy!!!"

Izzy, 10, Bedford, England

"We had a brilliant day at our school doing lots of activities for Children In Need and our school raised £206.87."

Nicole, 9, Gateshead, England

"We had face-painting and two large Pudseys in paper, filled with money."

Claudia, 9, Eastbourne, England

"At school all the Year 6's sold cakes with Pudsey Bear faces on them!"

Grace, 11, Walthamstow, England

"Me and two friends were having a sponsored silence at school. It was very hard because I am a chatterbox! But it is all for a good cause so that's okay. My friends and I decided we will start talking again at 6pm. Let's hope I stay silent until then!"

Charlotte, 9, London, England

"We all wore our own clothes to school and each brought in a pound!"

Sam, 8, East Sussex, England

"We are having a 'Teachers Come Dancing', 'Teacher Singstar' and the local policeman is getting his legs waxed! Ouch!"

Caitlin, 13, Cornwall, England

"The teachers at school all wore something yellow for Pudsey and we brought in a pound. Good luck to the Newsround presenters for pop performance!"

Sammy, 11, West Sussex, England

"At school I was making pizzas, cookies and even washing the teachers cars - I loved it."

Shannon, 8, Gateshead, England

"At our primary we're going to school in our PJ's and doing a sponsored silence for the whole day."

Lucy, 9, London, England

"For Children In Need we are having a non-uniform day and a School Fayre at the end of the day. We also had a really fun day at school and I put my skinny jeans on. My friend, Hannah, put her PJ's on - but she got told off and had to change into her P.E kit!"

Shannon, 9, Northumberland, England

"I dressed up in spotty clothes and at my school we made fun stalls. The one that I was doing was called 'Pudsey's Gunge' and what you had to do was stick your hands in mushy peas, baked beans and mashed potato to find a toy in each bowl in 15 seconds. In the afternoon we had a talent show called 'The Pudsey Factor!'"

Jade, 10, Aryshire, Scotland

"We got to wear our pyjamas on Thursday and Friday. We also had two sales - you could get your hair sprayed and then there where loads of competitions, like guess how many sweets in the jar. In the classroom, two boys in my class donated money to tell jokes and lots of the girls donated money to dance and sing. We also sold chocolate brownies. We did a funny play about naughty school kids too! Our teacher doubled what we raised in class and our total was £210!"

Freya, 10, Shetland, Scotland

Me & my friends on my bus made cakes and did other fun things! We've raised more than £90! Thanks to everybody who helped! Our school wore mufti too."

Bonnie, 11, Isle of Wight, UK

"In our school we had a spotty dotty day and everybody had to dress up in spots and bring in a pound."

Bethany, 10, West Midlands, England

"In my school we have a non-uniform day and do stalls and sell lots of stuff. We all ate so much we all felt sick!"

Ezzy, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"In our school we had a toy and book sale where everyone in the school had to bring in at least one toy or book. I'm not sure exactly how much we raised but it was way over £200."

Rebecca, 10, West Sussex, England

"My friends and I went round our street asking for money and we're going to be in the crowd on Friday because we raised £100.65!"

Rebecaa, 11, Belfast, N. Ireland

"We brought cakes and biscuits and all donated money by wearing no school uniform. Some people even wore their pyjamas."

Sophie, 12, Skegness, England

"In my school we had to 'Do Something Different,' so we had to get a shoebox and fill it up with things that we don't use anymore and we will give them to children in Africa for Christmas."

Megan, 11, Caerphilly, Wales

"Our school had a dressed teddy competition, sold cakes and had a Dr Who Pudsey competition and raised £86.60."

Jack, 11, Llandrindod, Wales

"At our school we have done 'Design a Pudsey Bandana'. We had a non-uniform day and the theme was inside out mad hair, so we had to come to school with mad hair and inside out, back to front clothes! We raised £135! We are very proud."

Lydia, 10, Shropshire, England

"Me (Olivia) and my friend Jade ran around a lake called Whitlingham three times to raise money. It was six miles and we did it in 1 hour 50 minutes!! We have raised nearly £100!"

Olivia and Jade, 10 and 11, Surlingham, UK

"My school was making cakes and they were yummy!"

Harry, 7, Tunbridge Wells, UK

"Our school did all different kinds of games and a toy sale. We raised about £500!"

Abbie, 11, Snaith, England

"We're having a cake stall and the whole school dressed up really randomly and it was really wacky. WE RAISED LOADS OF MONEY!"

Cerys, 10, Clyro, Wales

"I love Children in Need!"

Emily, 6, Hodsdon, UK

"In my school we had to wear wacky clothes. We had to bring in £1. It was for Children in Need."

Rebecca, 13, Hemel, England

"I did a sponsored silence with my friends and every time we slipped up we donated out own money. Raised around £70 :)"

Lucie, 15, Grimsby, UK

"Our school is having a disco and stalls to raise money for Children in Need. I'm wearing a spotty Pudsey scarf and at our non uniform day at school we have raised £145 yippee!!"

Hannah, 10, Cheshire, England

"Me and my two friends had a sponsored silence ALL DAY at school, just like Hacker! We raised £5.50 - not bad because one of us had been ill during the week, so we hadn't been able to organise it a lot."

James, 9, Worcestershire, England

"I am doing a sponsored silence for Children in Need. I started at eight this morning and will finish at eight tonight. I have raised £42 so far and it is all going to Children in Need."

Josh, 12, Cannock, England

"I cant believe how fast it's gone. Last year's Children In Need feels like only yesterday. I am doing a sponsored silence."

Paige, 11, Bradford, England

"At school some girls held a cake sale and everyone bought a cake. It was fun and yummy."

James, 10, Swanage, England

"Our school had a bring and buy sale where we could bring in toys and books to sell. My friends and I were picked to help the teachers run the stalls."

Libby, 11, Maidstone, England

"It was hat day. But I forgot my hat, we also had a cake sale, treasure as well! We raised £150 or more!"

Leah, 11, Kent, England

"At my school we have to wear spotty clothes and I wore my spotty PJs."

Ellie, 10, England

"I am going to school in my PJs."

Tiernay, 9, England

"We are having a fundraising Friday."

Year 6, 10 and 11, Crewe, England

"For Children in Need we are having a wacky dressing contest. Also we are doing raffles and running cake stalls."

Cameron, 10, Bolton, England

"We did lots of activities in lots of different classes some of us washed the teachers' cars in the pouring rain and everyone else was inside in our cafe making lots of Pudsey things."

Nicola and Megan, 9 and 8, Gateshead, England

"At our Primary school we had a range of activities that included making Pudsey biscuits, bidding for our teachers, cleaning the teachers' cars, making Pudsey ear headbands, making Pudsey pizzas, a Pudsey poker quiz, a Pudsey treasure hunt, Pudsey sports, making Pudsey masks. We are also having a Pudsey cafe. All the money we raised is going to Children in Need!"

Class 3/4, 7,8, and 9, Gateshead, England

"I have collected lots of money from school."

Reece, 13, Wolverhampton, England

"In our school we are wearing as many colours as we can."

Eloise, 10, Wales

"Today our school had to run two miles around the golden mile in the freezing cold rain in fancy dress. There was a key-ring for first boy and first girl. Luckily I won the girls' race!"

Jodie, 10, Merseyside, England

"We had to run two miles around our golden mile in the freezing cold rain in fancy dress."

Britney, 10, Merseyside, England

"Me and my mates are going around dressed like Pudsey and raising money by singing."

Jade, 12, Merseyside, England

"I'm watching Children In Need while my dad's friend visits. I'm dressed up all nice and loving it."

Sonia, 14, Nottinghamshire, England

"We are having an international evening after school with different stalls, entertainment, bouncy castles, sumo wrestling and you can even take a picture with the fifth biggest snake. And for each activity we pay 50p or £1!!"

Maria, 9, Middlesex, England

"On Tuesday we went on the sponsored walk with the college and today we are having a sponsored silence in college from 10 till 11 and all the money we raise will go to Children In Need."

Carys, 13, Wales

"Today at school we are wearing our traditional home clothes to represent children from around the world. We brought in 50p to do this, we are also having a cake sale later today."

Guava Tree Class, 7-8, Bristol, England

"At our school we had a cake sale plus we could guess the name of the bear!!"

Louise, 11, London, England

"We are having a pyjama party in school today to raise lots of money! We're still having to work hard though!"

Bloomfield Primary School, 3-11, Northern Ireland

"In school we are dressing up and me and my friends are police women! And the boys are dressed as girls!"

Jessikah, 13, Wales

"We have all dressed up in bright clothes that make us feel happy and raised lots of money for Children in Need."

Year 6, Bolton, England

"We're having a wear your own clothes day but you have to wear something pink. My hair is pink, yippee!"

Krystal, 13, Surrey, England

"Our school has done a massive concert, a blind date with the teachers, a slave auction and sponsored basketball. Our whole week is taken up by Children In Need!!"

Hannah, 13, Scotland

"I am dressing up topsy turvy for Children In Need at my school. We are all giving 50p and having lots of fun. My friend Bethany too."

Megan, 4, Oxfordshire, England

"We are dressing up in whatever we like and it's 20p to design a Children In Need top. The prize is a Pudsey build-a-bear."

Jayden, 10, Derby, England

"I did a sponsored silence for 10 hours, from six in the morning to four in the afternoon and I raised £24.50. Then I did a glow night with my athletics club: which is where we all dress up brightly and pay £3 to get in. The most brightly dressed person won a £10 sports voucher. All the money that was raised went to Children in Need."

Ben, 12, Berkshire, England

"Unfortunately my school do absolutely nothing for Children in Need, but my younger brother, who is still in primary, has to go to school dressed up as what he wants to be when he's older."

Kate, 12, Yorkshire, England

"In our school we are having a winterfest and we have non-school uniform. Also you have to bring one pound if you do not wear uniform."

Amina, 10, London, England

"In our school one of our teachers is growing a beard and dying it blue and we're doing cake stalls."

Katie, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"My school are letting us take in our board games and electronic games from home to have a games afternoon! Also the staff are having a Wii challenge in assembly! We all have to donate at least £1 to the cause."

Daisy, 10, London, England

"I absolutely love Children In Need and did fundraising at my old school but unfortunately we aren't doing anything at my secondary school. But I am doing something with my friends to raise as much money as we can selling cakes."

Amy, 13, Watford, England

"Like every year, our school is helping children in need by running a cake sale. Hope we raise a lot."

Dan, 10, Kent, England

"Our school is going to wear our pyjamas to school and we will be 'fined' 50p that goes to Children In Need."

Chloe, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"We're doing a healthy tuck-shop."

Ciara, 9, Isle of Man

"I'm dressing up as a sports person at school and I have to bring £1 for the charity."

Sophie, 8, Burnley, England

"Our school is raising money by having a Pudsey Bear lunch with hot dogs and the mustard will be in the shape of Pudsey's face. We're also having cupcakes with Pudsey on."

Lucy, 9, Oxford, England

"I am dressing up as Pudsey."

Hollie, 8, Lincolnshire, England

"My school is getting all the pupils to dress in their own clothes and we have to pay £1. The sixth form students have to dress up as pirates and raise money and the teachers are dressing in the pupils school uniform and raising money. I think it will be a laugh, we are also selling cakes and doing raffles."

Jessica, 13, Wales

"On Friday our whole school is going to bring their favourite teddy to school! I am bringing Pudsey Bear!!"

Isaac, 8, Hertfordshire, England

"I snuggle up with a blanket and a box of chocolates watching Children In Need. I also put five pounds of my own money to Children In Need!"

Lauren, 9, Kent, England

"We are having a wacky hair day at school and will be taking a pound into school."

Sophie, 9, Middlesborough, England

"In my school for Children in Need we have to wear our PJs."

Charlotte, 10, London, England

"We are having a non uniform day but if we want to come with out our uniform then we have to bring in money for Children in Need."

Jack, 10, Newcastle, England

"We are having a non school uniform day and everyone has to give £1 otherwise you have to wear a school jumper for the whole day! We are also selling cakes."

Maisie, 11, Brighton, England

"We are having a day where you can wear any trousers to school, a goodies sale, Pudsey keyrings on sale and sponsored dodge ball."

Emma, 12, Epping, England

"My school are raising money by having a cake sale and are selling cookies, biscuits and cakes. YUMMMY!!"

Amreen, 12, Maidstone, England

"At school we are running loads of different stalls for Children in Need."

Zoe, 9, North Tawton, England

"At school we are supposed to bring at least 10p to donate for Children in Need on Friday."

Roksana, 10, Edinburgh, Scotland

"We're dressing up in Victorians and wearing odd shoes. That's going to be fun."

Olivia, 10, Great Ayton, England

"At school we have to bring in a teddy bear! Also I'm going to make huge posters and put them everywhere in my house! I'm putting £5 towards Children In Need!"

Chloe, 10, Southampton, England

"Our school is having a colour Pudsey competition, a guess how many sweets in a jar contest and on the Friday we are dressing up as Pudsey and whoever looks most like Pudsey wins a prize."

Leah, 10, London, England

"My school are having a cake sale and I'll be buying plenty of cakes! Not only is it brilliant that it's for charity, but I get to stuff my face as well!"

Izzi, 13, Essex, England

"We are making cakes and all of the community our coming to do a sponsored run in December. We are also having a coffee morning and all the money makes its way to Pudsey bear."

Eleanor, 11, Plymouth, England

"My school is not doing anything for it, but I will donate as I think it is right for everyone to put a little bit of money each year to make a difference to the lives of children!!"

Emily, 14, Carlisle, England

"We're dressing up as book characters - I'm going as somebody from St. Trinian's. We have to pay a pound and our class are doing a miniature bowling where we're charging people to have a go. The money raised from everything is going to Children In Need."

Molly, 11, Ipswich, England

"We are going back to 1969 when my school was built! I'm being a builder or a rocker!"

Matthew, 10, England

"What my school is doing is having a non uniform day and every pupil at the school brings in a pound each hopefully we will raise lots of money."

Sarah, 12, Kenilworth, England

"At our school you have to dress up as something beginning pound for Pudsey."

Jasmine, 9, St. Annes, England

"We're having a bake sale and then painting people's nails!"

Mollie, 10, Berwick, England

"We have done a sponsored bike ride of 14 miles. Everyone's bum was hurting at the end though!!!!"

Emily, 11, Devon, England

"We have a day off tomorrow so we aren't going to do something for Children in Need. However, the school has decided that next year we are doing it - once in September and again on Children in Need day to raise the amount of money we would of this year."

Abbie, 13, Essex, England

"We're having a non-uniform day at school and we can contribute two pounds."

Charlotte, 14, Leicestershire, England

"We're giving a pound on Friday and we've had a cake sale to raise some money."

Rheanne, 10, London, England

"We're going to have a non-uniform day at school and selling biscuits."

Mary, 12, Halifax, England

"Me and my mates are doing a play that we all wrote ourselves, well it's not even done yet but we are doing it anyway!"

Libbie, 9, England

"At school we are having blue day. You have to pay a pound to wear blue."

Salam, 10, London, England

"We're having a non-uniform day and we have to bring in a pound."

Natalie, 10, Nottingham, England

"Our school is raising money by dressing up."

Louise, 11, Southampton, England

"We're shaving off our head teacher's beard but we need to raise £500 this week otherwise it won't come off."

Gsyemi, 14, UK

"I'm doing a sponsored silence."

Morgan, 12, Bradford, England

"At school we have to dress up as what we want to be when we're older."

Grace, 8, Colchester, England

"I'm doing a sponsored silence, don't know how I'll manage though."

Amy, 13, Bournemouth, England

"We're running stalls and the money raised goes to Children in Need."

Daisy, 9, Wales

"We think it's fantastic that Newsround are raising money. Our class all think it is great and wonderful for the children who don't have anything."

Chloe, Tegan, Molly and Sophie, 10, Crewe, England

"We are dressing up tospy turvy by wearing our clothes inside out and having a talent competition all at school!."

Dot, 10, Birmingham, England

"I would love to join in with the fun!"

Sophie, 13, Reading, England